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Will there be android support?

any news?

is this project dead?


Wellwood as a project, yes, but the concept itself has been my personal project for over a year now, will be shared with the world soon


is this still true that you'll be sharing it with the world soon?


Not really soon per say

But i am returning to Game dev after recovering from a TBI, hopefully i can publish the new and improved game this year :>

good to hear

the slimes can boot me into walls

I found a slight bug that I managed to fix...

Deleted 2 years ago

Wait about 1 week,  the reworked and all new version of Wellwood is coming next week :D


Found a bug, how do you DM here?


Hey there you can DM on Twitter or on Patreon!

Thank you!

I've been waiting for another game like this! it shows massive potential but it definitely needs some work. Good luck in making this game successful! :D

Thank you!

There's a lot to do, and by misfortune(i got in an accident, nothing serious), i'll spend the next 2-3 working full time on Wellwood, the next update will be massive, and i really hope you enjoy it!