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Hope things get better 🙇!

Thank you!

I really hope the same


Using them here:

Shall make sure to include you in a proper credits screen when one is made ✌️

I read the article, nice work!

feels good to see the icons in good use

Hey there dude!
Thomas here, from Dust Runners
I know this is a bit creepy but I've been trying to reach you every where, twitter, steam etc, you haven't been on the Discord for a while and I start to worry... 
I hope you're alright and see this and get back to me quickly! We miss you :(

Thank you very much for this. This is actually exactly what I was looking for, and I'll absolutely credit you. I'm sorry about your situation; I hope things get better!

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Good luck with your project!

May I still use these icons in my project if I credit you?

Credits are appreciated but not necessary in any way, it's you personal choice.  

Thank you!


Thank you,I wan to use this for my project.

Go for it dude, they are free to use!


bruh, you got TALENT. what can I say except for these are so pleasing to my eyes.One day ill use these in a project, like a tutorial for one of my first games (still learning so will be a while)! I'll definitely credit you, and contact you beforehand. Thank you for making the community a better place

Thank you for awesome words!

Love to see the tutorial!


Really amazing! I was searching for something as this for my project. I will use it! Thank you!! :)

Enjoy it!

This Is really awesome, definitely going to keep this in my back pocket!

That's great to hear, hope you use them one day!